Voice For Humanity
What We Do

We provide life-saving and life-changing programs to non- and semi-literate people in their language, and in the places where they meet.
They listen repeatedly to the “Voice,” then discuss how and why they should vote for the first time; how to take care of their HIV positive loved ones and why they can get tested without shame; how they can protect their pregnancy and infants; how to read – solutions that help millions of people live longer, more abundant lives.

We don’t broadcast our presence; we work with international and local partners to manage each project. Once a project is established, our partners can easily expand it with more Players and new programs.

Small Media Channel
The Players become an established communication channel. We can supply new plug and play program chips, or reprogram existing chips in the village. We build capacity with local individuals and organizations. The incremental cost of new programs is the cost of the chip and/or the newly recorded program.

Project Content
The program content is produced with a variety of indigenous sources so it is linguistically accurate, culturally engaging, and trusted. A program typically lasts from 6 – 8 hours, with a capacity of 500 hours.

One Player carries a consistent message to thousands. We cultivate acceptance of the “Voice” through trusted relational networks, (family, social, tribal, religious leaders), and our Facilitated Discussion Group approach. People listen and discuss together, and recognize, remember and respond to the change this information presents.

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