Voice For Humanity
Voice For Humanity Voice Player

What is the Voice?

The Voice Player has as many names as the places and people we serve: Sada in Afghanistan; Sauti in Kenya; Avaz in India... It is less about our technology and all about a trusted voice in their language from people they know and respect.

The Voice must be trusted, but it is critical that the advanced technology that delivers it is low-cost, reliable and easy-to-use. The Player is rugged, with no moving parts that can break, and is resistant to wind, dirt and sand.

An instruction manual is unnecessary: a Question button tells how to use and navigate the Player. Rather than jump from track to track it can move from subject, to topic, to sub-topic. The Player has no resale value and cannot be re-purposed. The built-in speaker enables group listening, and is amplifiable through other sound systems.

A typical Voice Kit Carrying Pack contains the Player, Solar Charger, Hand-crank, AC/DC Charger, rechargeable batteries, ear buds, and the Program “plug and play” Chip(s).

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