Voice For Humanity
The People we Reach are Oral Communicators

Oral communicators are non- or semi-literates who receive, process and retain information in an oral and visual way. They learn by listening to discussions, stories, dramas, songs, poems and proverbs – quite different from literate forms of outlines, principles, precepts, lists, steps, and logical discourse.

They are very dependent relationally on others for information. Their stored information is either in their heads or in the heads of their known and trusted friends.

Two-thirds of the world population are oral communicators and many are hard to reach due to rural access, poverty, racial prejudice, gender, and education. But this is not the problem, it’s just the reality of their environment.

The problem is most humanitarian solutions rely on literate information and literate people to spread it. Information designed by literates, for literates, and delivered in the same manner.

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