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How do you reach oppressed People in need who can’t read?  Voice for Humanity (VFH ), a non-profit organization, offers a proven solution that helps millions of people live longer, more abundant lives.

We form international and indigenous partnerships to bring our hand-held Voice Player to oppressed and primarily non-literate people, wherever they are, in the language they speak.  The digital Player is named “Voice” in their native language and gains the respect and endorsement of trusted leaders.  It spreads through established social/tribal networks and is perceived as by them for them.  The content is personal, understandable and culturally engaging.  They listen repeatedly and interact to discuss how the information can change and improve their lives.

Our international Partners use our high-tech, low-cost digital Voice Player to achieve their mission.  We are passionate about our purpose, and urge you to learn more About us.  Could your organization use a new “Voice”?  This is your invitation to Get Involved as a partner, participant or patron. 

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